All In His Hands™ Herbal Salve & Handmade Soaps -  Ezekiel 47:12...........And the leaf thereof for medicine
All In His Hands™ uses Parcel post and U. S. Postal Service Flat Rate Boxes to help trim the cost of postal fees for our customers.
Flat rate mailing in some instances is more practical to use than parcel post and vice versa, depending on the size of the order or zip code destination.
If additional shipping charges occur, or a refund due, customers will be notified by email through PayPal or   Thank you.

                 U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail Flat Rate Cost:
                         Small Flat Rate Box - $7.90
                         Medium Flate Rate Box - $14.35
                         Large Flat Rate Box - $19.95
                                         FedEx and UPS 
                           (Please call for Shipping Rates)

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