All In His Hands™ Herbal Salve & Handmade Soaps -  Ezekiel 47:12...........And the leaf thereof for medicine

All In His Hands™ Herbal Hair Oil is made with rich nourishing nut oils and botanicals that feed and penetrate your scalp while waking up and activating those sleepy hair follicles. Bathe your hair strands in this nutrient rich oil that stimulates the scalp as well as promoting healthy hair growth. Absorbs easily to send nutrients where it’s needed most….. The ROOTS!  
Use on hair types: bi-racial, braids (any type), chemically relaxed, dread locks, dry, damaged, natural, weak, transitioning, thinning hair/thinning edges, mustaches & beards. 

Directions: Pour and apply oil in palm of hand (according to hair length & thick
-ness). Gently massage scalp. Comb, brush and style hair as needed.
Hot Oil Treatment/Steamer/ Dryer: Section damp hair and apply oil.
(Wrap hair in a hot towel or plastic cap). Sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash, condition and style hair afterwards.

Scalp Protectant: Part hair in sections and apply oil to the scalp (according to hair length & thickness) before any chemical or coloring process treatment.
Oils: Aloe ~ Avocado ~ Black Seed ~ Jamaican Dark Castor Oil  
Coconut ~ Hemp Seed ~ Jojoba ~ Lecithin ~**Macadamia Nut 
Meadow Foam Seed ~ Olive ~ **Pumpkin Seed ~ Rice Bran 
Safflower ~ Wheat Germ

Herbs: Bamboo Leaf ~ Birch Bark ~ Black Walnut Hulls ~ Brahmi ~ *Burdock Root ~ *Calendula  Ginseng Root ~ *Gotu Kola ~ *Hibiscus ~ *Horsetail ~ Jaborandi Leaf ~ Jatamansi Root ~ *Lavender ~ Lemongrass ~ Loquat Leaf ~ Moringa Leaf ~ *Oatstraw  *Peppermint ~ *Rosemary ~ *Sage ~ *Stinging Nettle Leaf ~ *Stinging Nettle Root ~ *Thyme

 4 fl. oz./118 ml. 
*Organic /** Nut Allergies


Good morning Sis. Carol,
the hair oil you made for me is wonderful. I realize it
doesn't create dirty oil greasy build up in hair and 
it prevents dandruff.  And doesn't cause hair to itch.
I went to the salon yesterday to get a hair trim and
was told my scalp was very clean and healthy !
I've been without a hair wash now for two weeks.

And I didn't even deep condition my hair. I only
did one rinse that day. I was surprised my hair 
wasn't dirty. Also, didn't even have split ends !

                        Cianna C. ~ 7/2/2019
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